Wi-Fi Tips

Home Wi-Fi Tips:

Wi-fi has been an important part of daily life. Here are few simple tips to optimize the performance.

Use the Latest Wi-Fi Technologies:

Update your wi-fi router to the latest firmware or get a new router has multiple channels simultaneously, Auto Channel Selection, latest MIMO. 5Ghz has more channels and less interference than 2.4Gh, but 5Ghz travels much shorter distance. Upgrade new Mesh Wi-fi System with auto 2.4 & 5GH channel selection

Place Wi-Fi router at the Best Spot:

Place at the center of your area with open space without much obstacles and interference. Optimal central location will be like middle floor, not in basement.

Find the Right Wireless Channel:

Your neighbors wi-fi signals may be interfering with yours and causing the signal to degrade. Use tool like Wi-Fi Network Analyzer to find the perfect channel for your house.

Away from Appliances Interference:

Cordless phones, microwaves and other appliances can muck your wi-fi signal. Using a dual band router, different cordless phones or move your router further away from those interfering appliances.

*Set Wi-Fi Security:

Change router default admin password and use strong passwords. Use encrypted WPA2, MAC filtering and WEP. Hide and don’t broadcast your SSID (your wi-fi network name).

Control Bandwidth-Hogging Source:

If someone plays online games, streaming video Netflix, they may be hogging bandwidth and making the internet slower. Some router has Quality of Service (QoS) feature to prioritize certain applications or devices.

Increase Your Wi-Fi Range:

Increase transmit power, replace with better antenna, use directional antenna or aluminum fold to redirect signal. Use new fully messed technology router or wi-fi extender.

Reboot Wi-Fi Router Periodically:

Some router gets slow overtime, a simple power cycle sometimes will do the tricks to clean up and improve the signal. Some routers can be configured to restart at regular intervals.

Jim Yam is a Smart Home and Internet of Things enthusiast with SMART Automation and he can be reached at jyam@smart-iots.com.

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