Nest Protect Installation 3 ($199)

Nest Protect : $300 ($57 off)
Nest Protect Installation: $199 ($98 off)
Nest Protect with Installation: $499 ($155 off)

Help safeguard your home with the white Google Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm. This alarm is powered by six included AA batteries and it wirelessly interacts with your Android and iOS smart devices using the free Nest app. Wireless communication is achieved thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The Google Nest Protect is designed to detect fast-burning fires, smouldering fires, and carbon monoxide. It produces an audible alert when action is required, and it can be conveniently silenced from your smart devices.

  • Inspect of installation area
  • Turn off circuit breaker
  • Remove old device if needed
  • Check wiring and voltage
  • Install and set up mobile app
  • Pre-setup, connect wifi and configure device
  • Install Nest Protect device and align it nicely
  • Restore power, perform Smoke and CO test alarms and Connectivity
  • Validate device in app, demonstrate commonly used features & functionality

  • Smart Device Alerts
The Google Nest Protect sends a message when there’s a problem or when the batteries are running low
  • Split-Spectrum Sensor
The Split-Spectrum sensor looks for both fast and slow-burning fires
  • Hush From the Nest App
Silence false alarms with your smartphone or tablet
  • Tells You What and Where
The Google Nest Protect speaks up if there’s smoke or CO and tells you where it is, so you’ll know what to do next
  • Nightly Promise
Nightly Promise is a quick green glow from the Nest Protect when you turn out the lights, informing you that everything’s working well.
  • Pathway Light
Usually the Google Nest Protect has its light turned off, but when you walk underneath it, Pathlight can lighten darkened areas
  • 10-Year Life Span
The sensor in the Google Nest Protect is designed to last approximately 10 years