Google Nest Cam Battery (Indoor/Outdoor) Weatherproof Cable

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Stay connected with wired power.
The weatherproof cable1 (in 5 m and 10 m) and power adapter keep your Nest Cam connected with continuous power.2

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This Google Product features the Google Seal for Online Marketplace when purchased from a seller other than [1]Camera is weather resistant. [2]Nest Cam sold separately. [3]24/7 recording requires Nest Aware Plus subscription (sold separately). Video streaming, video recording, and mobile notifications require working internet and Wi-Fi.


10m, 1m, 5m

10 reviews for Google Nest Cam Battery (Indoor/Outdoor) Weatherproof Cable

  1. Donna FTW (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly as stated.
    Worked as stated in the description.

  2. Chris Kies (verified owner)

    Good quality
    You need it if your putting cameras outside wish they had more sizes

  3. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Perfect length
    Using this to plug in a battery operated camera that gets a lot of activity and was using up battery quickly. Long enough to hide and connect without additional drop cords. Highly recommend.

  4. Joshua Viera (verified owner)

    Very good in the Texas heat
    I was having an issue with the battery dying too fast so I decided to get the long cord for essentially infinite battery.
    I’ve had this already for four months going on five and I have had no connection issues or battery issues ever again the magnet is very strong and it charges very well even when there is heavy camera traffic. Great product with great reliability, especially in this heavy weather that we get up here in Texas with the heat rain and wind.

  5. JoSe (verified owner)

    Original , was using the solar one but was unable to use certain features like the noise and all that…. honestly not impressed with the nest/google integration , even tho they are sold as nest, the don’t work on the nest app…. so what I did not want happened have to use two different apps for the products, i know I went off topic, but the cable is original and long enough .

  6. D. Huynh (verified owner)

    Easily plug in backward and it won’t charge
    For a long time, I wondered why is it that my Nest camera was not charging.
    It turned out that I plugged it in backward.
    The connector below the camera can be easily plugged in backward and it won’t charge.
    The connector & the camera should have a key such that the user can only plug it in one way only.
    This is Nest bad mechanical design.
    Seller rating is a 5, but Nest Cam mechanical design is 2.

  7. Shane Dresser (verified owner)

    This was a great enhancement to my Nest Cam!
    The Nest Cam was good before the installation of this, but the motion sensing could be a little spotty at best, especially at night. After installing this cable, which by the way, was super easy with the included cable management accessories, it picks up everything I want it to and more! I actually had to adjust the zones so that my neighbor doesn’t set it off while he’s in his own yard. If you have the Nest Cam within 10 meters of an outlet, I highly suggest getting this cable. The peace of mind is worth it.

  8. Mule girl (verified owner)

    Works great
    works as promised

  9. Zoraida (verified owner)

    Good quality
    very good quality

  10. Hugh K. (verified owner)

    Does what it is supposed to
    The cable was plenty long enough for my situation (10m). This is surely overpriced, but I’ll give them that the included cable management anchors are decent quality. I had purchased a Chinese 3rd party produced cable for fraction of the cost, but that one did not provide adequate power to the camera. The app showed that the camera was plugged in but the battery was draining as though it wasn’t. So I had to send that back and bought this instead. This one is working like it should.

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